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5 misconceptions about paper

5 misconceptions about paper

At a time when a lot of misinformation is circulating about paper and how it’s made, we thought it was important to remind people about the environmental impact of the material we love so much.

Forests are destroyed to make paper

Not true! The virgin fibre used by our suppliers to make paper comes from cuts made to thin the trees. This is a process that is an integral part of responsible forestry. This allows the forest to grow faster while absorbing CO₂. What’s more, the wood is certified so that it can be traced. This guarantees that it has been harvested responsibly.

The area of Europe’s forests is shrinking

In France, forests cover 17 million hectares, 30% of the national territory and 20% more than 40 years ago. Since the 1950s, Europe’s forest area has increased by 30%.

Source : French National Institute for Geographic and Forestry Information

Paper can only be made from recycled fibres

Paper fibre cannot be reused indefinitely. After 5 to 7 uses, it is used as biofuel. 69% of the paper and cardboard consumed in Europe is recycled, but this is not enough to meet demand. This is why paper manufacturers bring in virgin fibre: to be able to meet demand and supply paper with the technical characteristics expected.

Source : CEPL – Annual statistics 2010

Printing and papermaking are harmful to the environment

All industrial activity has an impact on the environment. What we can say is that we make it a point of honour to work with suppliers who have a policy of respect for the environment similar to our own. At Corlet, there are no emissions into the atmosphere. We are constantly working to improve our processes. Our sites have the Imprim’Vert label and are PEFC certified.

Digital communication is more respectful of the environment

This is a misconception. In fact, it has been proven that the internet has a significant environmental impact. All the servers in the world produce 2% of the world’s CO₂ emissions. This is equivalent to the rate of emissions from air traffic. On a household scale, a personal computer generates 2% of the CO₂ of annual emissions, that’s 485 kg. Incoming mail, on the other hand, generates just 0.1% or 14 kg of CO₂ per year.

Source : EMIP, the fact of our value chain

At Corlet, we have been paying particular attention to our environment for 60 years. Our production sites are Imprim’Vert and PEFC certified. The paper we use is recycled and comes from sustainably managed forests. We do not release any waste into the environment. Photovoltaic roof. Eco pasture. Nesting of bees and preservation of farmland. Eco-responsible inks. We care about our Normandy region and we’re doing everything we can to look after it!

To find out more, visit our dedicated page : Ethics and Environnement – Corlet