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Interview – Hervé LE MOYNE, Industrial Director

Interview – Hervé LE MOYNE, Industrial Director We interviewed Hervé LE MOYNE, Industrial Director of the Corlet Imprimeur 360° Group. In this interview, he tells us about his career path that led him to his position, but also about the Group’s know-how, which extends far beyond printing itself. Indeed, from the beginning of a printed […]

12/05/2022 News
Update on the printing market

Update on the printing market For the past two years, the printing market has been experiencing significant fluctuations caused by the global pandemic. In addition, since the summer of 2021, the context has deteriorated due to serious difficulties in the supply of raw materials correlated with a sharp increase in prices, partly due to a […]

28/03/2022 News
A revolution for your printing projects

A revolution for your printing projects At Corlet Imprimeur 360°, we are often precursors of innovations in order to offer the best to our customers. Staying at the cutting edge of technology is an obvious choice and we have been doing it for more than 60 years. Regularly, our Group has bet on future technological […]

22/03/2022 News
Interview – Technical and Production Manager

We met Nicolas Pelouin, Technical and Production Manager for the Corlet Imprimeur 360° Group on the Corlet Roto site in Ambrières-les-Vallées. He has been in this position since January 1, 2020, but he has been with the group much longer, having started working for Corlet in 2004 as a maintenance technician until 2010. That year, […]

01/02/2022 News
The different types of paper

Choosing a paper for your printed product is not always easy. We help you, through an article and its video, to see more clearly.

05/01/2022 News
Shortage and increase of paper prices

| 22/11/2021 | Since late spring, paper supply problems have been felt. Normally, it takes three to five weeks to get a supply of paper. Today, we are seeing a delay of up to ten weeks for the same product. The epidemic we have been experiencing since the beginning of 2020 has reduced pulp production […]

22/11/2021 News
The Book

Experts in printing for over 60 years, Corlet Imprimeur 360° supports you

15/04/2021 Information,
Our areas of expertise
The Catalogue & The Brochure

Quality and short lead times guaranteed thanks to expertise in printing and finishing

15/04/2021 Information,
Our areas of expertise
The Review & The Magazine

Reactivity, deadlines and proximity for your new magazine creation projects

15/04/2021 Information,
Our areas of expertise
News from our hives!

| 08/04/2021 | As part of an environmental protection approach, the Corlet Group wanted to sponsor a beehive close to its printing plants and support sites (in the Domfrontais region) through a concrete action. As we know, bees are disappearing and there are many reasons for this. However, man and nature need them. Sponsoring a beehive means […]

08/04/2021 News