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Digital printing: performance, productivity and revolutionary quality with the group’s new press.

Digital printing: performance, productivity and revolutionary quality with the group’s new press.

Digital printing: performance, productivity and revolutionary quality with the group’s new press.

Corlet Imprimeur 360° adapts to the digital printing and Book of One market with the Océ VarioPrint 6000. The fastest single-sheet digital production press in its class. Canon has been the technological leader in its market for more than 10 years, bringing to the Corlet group promises of outstanding performance, productivity and reliability.

Presse à imprimer impression numérique Canon Océ VarioPrint 6000 TITAN
Press Océ VarioPrint TITAN 6000 – Canon

The fastest production press in its class:

  • 328 A4 images per minute
  • 320 images per minute in letter size
  • Over 150,000 images per 8-hour day
  • 450,000 images for a 3×8 production cycle

That’s almost half a million impressions per day!

With a maximum volume of up to 10 million images per month, TITAN’s reliability is second to none.

Unrivalled skills

It has been designed to meet the current requirements of different production environments that are constantly changing.

It meets the challenge of increased efficiency, adapts to ever tighter production deadlines, handles increasingly complex documents, and allows you to add real value to your service offering. All this on paper from 45 g.

A revolutionary technology for simultaneous front and back printing is embedded in the heart of the machine, the Océ Gemini Instant Duplex. The result is extremely accurate registration for high performance printing. There is no need to turn the paper over, minimising the risk of printing errors and paper jams.

Numerous controls for high quality book printing

Each sheet passes two essential quality checks. One is a built-in ultrasonic multi-sheet detector that detects multiple sheet feeding. This safety feature ensures workflow integrity and reduces waste caused by paper feeding errors.  A unique feature of the machine is low temperature fusing. From any paper tray, a sheet can pass through the printer and go directly to the finishing module. This saves space and time. Insertion of colour pages, preprinted pages, inserts and more are integrated quickly, reliably and from any paper tray.

Then the sheet will pass the second quality control. The advanced registration module ensures perfect positioning of the paper before printing. Every quality control is performed in real time on this automated printing highway!

Imprimer vos livres avec la presse feuille à feuille

The unique technology of the machine is an innovative monochrome printing process that allows a final result close to offset. The inking method guarantees a high quality reproduction as temperature and humidity do not alter the final result. This process allows for long-term resistance to wear and tear.

The toner image is then transferred to a rubber printing mat and pressed into the paper at low temperature. The result is an offset print quality of the highest order. Since the paper is not subjected to very high temperatures during the fusing process, the resulting prints are very flat. Each sheet is processed to the desired finish.

Even with small fonts and grey scale, the print quality ensures that the images are deep and the text sharp. The images are therefore extremely uniform.

For each printed page, the double-sided registration is accurate.

Its productivity, reliability, precise registration quality, flat print output and offset-like final output make the TITAN the essential digital press for on-demand book publishing where short production and shipping times are essential.

To the naked eye, this results in a book that is indistinguishable from the offset.

It offers many low-cost applications for small productions, such as manuals, matte paper productions like books or music scores.

Printing and finishing on the same production line

The paper is fed into the Océ high-capacity delivery, which accommodates all the sizes and weights supported by the press for off-line finishing. It has a storage capacity of 6,000 sheets, continuously, thanks to its on-the-fly unloading function.

The ability to handle a wide range of media in a single delivery module, up to 350x500mm, offers a highly flexible handling solution. This format allows for the printing of standard sized book blocks in four printing units, making it an indispensable tool for book-on-demand printers.

Thanks to three years of research and development by Canon, the Océ VarioPrint TITAN 6000 is able to print on light weight paper. This means lower shipping costs and more options for binding, folding, etc.

Environmentally friendly printing

The environmental credentials of the Océ VarioPrint 6000 are as impressive as its performance compared to its competitors.

Indeed, its energy consumption is low. Thanks to its unique motor, it is reduced by 30%. This reduces heat emissions and consequently the need for air conditioning. The Gemini engine produces 97% less ozone.

The operator can reload paper, staples, empty the input tray, without ever interrupting production, thus ensuring maximum productivity.

Offset and digital printing have never been so close

The TITAN is the ultimate, most powerful single-sheet, double-sided production press on the market. It offers feeding, production and receiving capabilities unmatched by any other competitive system on the market. Its technology provides superior image quality enhanced by the revolutionary Océ Gemini Instant Duplex technology. All this is supported by an easy-to-use interface that simplifies job and media management. Unmatched reliability for full capacity operation!

The Océ VarioPrint 6000 Titan is quite simply the most powerful monochrome production press in the world and it is at Corlet Imprimeur 360°!