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Printing books on demand: new version of Rapidbook

Printing books on demand: new version of Rapidbook

Our print-on-demand book service is improving

The Corlet Imprimeur 360° group has been present in the printing industry for more than 60 years now. It has become the 3rd largest book printer in France. Rapidbook, the platform for printing books on demand of the group, is improving.

Following the requests and remarks of the current users of the platform, the Rapidbook teams have made the necessary changes. After a launch surrounded by a few early adopters, it was time to open the platform to other customers. This is now done since the on-demand book printing tool is available to everyone as soon as an account opening request is made.

What is Rapidbook?

Print-on-demand service for books from one copy Avatar of Rapidbook service.
Print-on-demand service for books from one copy Avatar of Rapidbook service.

Rapidbook provides book printing from one copy to several thousands with a delivery between 48 and 72 hours after the end of the manufacturing process. The prices are degressive according to the number of copies ordered. The printing, realized on digital presses in the dedicated department of the group, is of an exceptional quality. Indeed, the Corlet Imprimeur 360° group has recently invested more than 2 million euros in digital presses in order to support its customers in printing on demand. This was the subject of a conference in Paris on April 6th where all the presses were presented to a more than attentive audience.

New version of the Rapidbook platform

After 3 years of development and feedback from our group’s customers already using our print-on-demand book service, we have been able to make some improvements.

The first one is its compatibility with smartphones. With this more responsive version, it is now possible to order a book online no matter where you are as long as you have an internet connection.

The second improvement of our print-on-demand platform concerns the management of addresses. It is now easier to manage your business, personal and customer addresses thanks to a new interface allowing you to add favorites. In addition, you can now request additional countries for international shipments.

The third evolution concerns the file transfer time. Following the change of the platform’s hosting, your loading times are considerably reduced.

The fourth improvement of our service is the control of the files before the order. When you send your interior and cover to the platform, automatic checks will be made to ensure that the format and many other parameters are correct. If this is not the case, you will receive an error message and your document will not be accepted. This further limits the risk of printing errors.

Finally, you will be able to consult your order history by title to find your way more easily. Useful when you are working on many files at the same time.

Printing books on demand, for whom and why?

Printing your books on demand thanks to the Rapidbook platform allows you to order a single copy or several hundred. Digital printing in small series at Corlet with Rapidbook is the guarantee of a quality registration as well as a real quality while respecting short deadlines.

It is a service for all publishers who are looking for a fast delivery while combining quality and attractive price.

Combine print on demand and storage at Corlet Logistic

Print on demand does not necessarily mean print on demand. You can print a buffer stock and leave it with us. Indeed, we offer a secure storage that can be consulted remotely at any time thanks to a dedicated extranet. Corlet Logistic is much more than Rapidbook’s ally, it is yours.

Your orders placed by your customers are prepared and dispatched in real time by our responsive and always efficient teams.

Take a virtual tour of the premises by watching our video on the logistics department by clicking here.

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